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A free Kinetic Novel, created during the NaNoRenO 2018 Game Jam. PS: Overall the story ended up getting finished, but it got a bit too ambitious to finish everything in time, so we released a demo of it that covers about 1/4th of the story.

★ Story ★

One of the most iconic Lopeliian tales is that of a notorious Lopeliie wielding a legendary lance and flying like a shooting star across the sky.

In this tale, she will not begin as such an amazing being, instead, you will embark on a journey through her transformation from dorky warrior trainee, to illustrious hero!

The tale was forged from very little information including various old heirlooms, drawings, and objects dedicated to this hero from ancient history. The truth of it all is shrouded in mystery. Throughout time, this story has been told, re-told, re-re-told, and so on. Now you can experience it as well.

This tale is brought to you by the following people!

Palinus (Christian Schoultz)


Eric Jeffrey Tan Music

Yoshinoes, Nekulian

Eric Jeffrey Tan Music, Yoshinoes

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This was such a cool game! I really liked the parts of the culture shown to us and how organically it was presented. I played it some time ago and only thought to comment now. I hope to see this continued! Thank you!


Nice game!