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*This game is currently in an early stage of progress, everything shown here is subject to change.

! ★  State of Progress  ★ !

This project is currently in the pre-Kickstarter stage, early access demo’s and sneak peeks for the first episode are expected to be shared on our upcoming Patreon in the future, and the public demo will release at the same time as the Kickstarter. The Kickstarter is expected anywhere between 2021 - 2025. If impatient, Feel free to read the A Lopeliie's Tale while waiting! An (Optional) Prequel to this story. Well be using the Devlog here to notify about any MAJOR updates regarding this project, so stay tuned! even if the wait is long, It's a very big project...

★  Story  ★

The Evil Empress’s conquest begins! A story rich, cinematic, chaotic visual novel series about one particular evil Lopeliie’s ambitious dream of global dominance! Enrich yourself in the lovely planet of Carrotopia, home to The Royal Lopeliie Empire. Princesses Elizabeth Vi Carrotcake V and Rosemary Le Carrotcake, twin sisters that are the next heirs to the royal Carrotcake family, are rivals for the throne after their mother’s tragic death. Now that the time for one of them to ascend the throne has finally come, Elizabeth is shocked at her impossible loss to her way less experienced, air-headed sister, Rosemary!

This outrage will not go unpunished! What difficulties will Elizabeth face on her journey? What secrets will be uncovered on the road to the throne…? The Undeniable Empress Elizabeth begins her campaign!

★  Features  ★

  • An epic, episodic, surreal story featuring a colorful cast of characters!
  • Exciting and beautifully crafted action scenes!
  • Dark comedy and lighthearted moments to balance the chaos!
  • High-stakes political drama! Who doesn’t love that!?
  • Linear story, but with choices that could influence the empire and its people or lead to bad endings! And most likely the misuse of the save/load function! The cool empresses live with their bad decisions!
  • In-game guide with information about Carrotopia and its inhabitants and a map of the empire, all easily accessible while you play with extra information to help keep you engaged in the story and the world of Carrotopia without interrupting the story flow for an explanation about minor, unimportant things! I can discover what a ‘Hop Lance’ is on my own time, thank you very much!!!

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