A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

-This game is in Early Access, an official price will be set once available. Everything is 'WiP' (Work in Progress) and will be updated overtime.-

- Warning: strong language, suggestive themes, and yuri -

A cute visual novel about an evil bunny girl's epic quest for world domination, parodying princess simulation games.

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'Major Update 1.2.0a' released!

v1.2.0a Path Notes
- Improved Manuscript, New scenes added!
- Interface + Menus got a complete revamp.
- New Backgrounds! This time in not only 2D, but 3D too!
- New and improved character sprites!
- More poses/expression variation!
- Animated expressions!
- Some CG's added!
- New song!
- Music Box menu added!
- New Project Logo!

Next Update TBA

Download demo

A Bunny Girl's Guide: World Domination 1.2.01 Alpha Demo (310 MB)


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